Thailand (SET) Aus

Online Trades Broker-Assisted Trades
Commission 0.35% 0.75%
Minimum THB 500 THB 750
Exchange fees:
VAT Fee 0.0049% on gross contract

Note: Goods & Services Tax (GST) will be applied to commission charges. Commission and exchange fees may be subject to change without prior notice. Please click here for custodian charges.


Trading Details
Order Placement Via
1) POEMS or
2) Your designated Trading Representative


Trading lot 100 shares
Price Quote Via POEMS (live price)
Exchange SET
bid size
Share price (THB) Minimum Bid Size (THB)
Less than 2 0.01
2 up to less than 5 0.02
5 up to less than 10 0.05
10 up to less than 25 0.10
25 up to less than 100 0.25
100 up to less than 200 0.50
200 up to less than 400 1.00
400 up 2.00


Trading Hours
Singapore time (Mon – Fri) 11:00am – 01:30pm
03:30pm – 05:30pm
Thailand time (Mon – Fri) 10:00am – 12:30pm
02:30pm – 04:30pm

Phillip Securities does not participate in the Pre-open sessions. For Pre-close session, orders may still be submitted after 5:30pm (Singapore time) for matching/execution at the random closing time between 5:35 pm to 5:40 pm, which calculates the closing price of each day.

Settlement Date1 T+2 market days*
Settlement Currency SGD
Order Amalgamation Yes (Conditions for Amalgamation, click here)
Contra Trading Yes
CPF settlement No

* The Stock Exchange of Thailand will be shifting the settlement date from T+3 market days to T+2 market days with effect from 2 March 2018 (Fri). The last trade date for the three-day settlement cycle (T+3) will be on 28 February 2018 (Wed).

Note: For payment methods, please click here.

Holidays (2020)


Month Day Date Holidays Settlement Trading Day
January Wednesday 01 January New Year’s Day No No
February Monday 10 February Makha Bucha Day No No

Monday 06 April Shakri Day No No
Monday 13 April Songkran Festival Day No No
Tuesday 14 April Songkran Festival Day No No
Wednesday 15 April Songkran Festival Day No No
May Friday 01 May Labor Day No No
Monday 04 May Coronation Day No No
Wednesday 06 May Vesak Day No No
June Wednesday 03 June Queen’s Birthday No No
July Monday 6 July Asarnha Bucha Day No No
Monday 27 July  Substitution for Songkran Festival No No
Tuesday 28 July King’s Birthday No No
August Wednesday 12 August Queen’s Birthday No No

Friday  4 September Songkran Festival (obs) No No
Wednesday 9 September Songkran Festival (obs) No No
October Tuesday 13 October King’s Memorial Day (obs) No No
Friday 23 October King Chulalongkorn Day No No
December Monday 07 December Special Holiday No No
Thursday 10 December Constitution Day No No
Friday 11 December King’s Birthday (obs) No No
Thursday 31 December New Year’s Eve No No

Note: Information is correct at time of posting

Additional Details (Market-specific)

Circuit Breaker

A Circuit Breaker is a market-wide approach to manage downward movement of the barometer index by halting trading temporarily in the entire market during normal trading hours. It will be triggered when the SET Index declines by 10% and 20% below its closing index of the previous market day.

Types of instruments traded on Stock Exchange of Thailand

A Non-Voting depository Receipt (“NVDR”), is a trading instrument issued by Thai NVDR Company Limited, a subsidiary wholly owned by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). NVDRs are automatically regarded as a listed security by SET.

On the POEMS trading platform, you are able to trade either “Local” or “Foreign” tranches of a listed security.

When you place an order on the “Local” tranch of a particular security, you are placing an order for an NVDR of that security. Therefore, investors will receive the same financial benefits and risks if they invested in the listed securities except that they will have no voting rights. Please click here for more info on NVDR.

Restrictive BUY Counters on NVDR (updated on Nov 2016)*

Symbol Thai NVDR’s Investment Paid Up Capital Shares % of Paid Up Capital
TISCO-P 7,300 10,759 67.85
AJD-W2 90,426,250 232,301,379 38.93
BBL 652,903,974 1,908,842,894 34.20

Click here to view full list of NVDR counters listed on SET

*Only counters exceeding 35% Paid Up Capital will be restricted for purchases

  1.  Should the due date coincide with a:
    a) Singapore public holiday - The due date will follow the traded market's due date.
    b) Thailand public holiday - due date will be the following market day