Canada (TSX) Aus

Commission 0.4 %
Minimum CAD 35

Note: Goods & Services Tax (GST) will be applied to commission charges. Commission and exchange fees may be subject to change without prior notice. Please click here for custodian charges.

Trading Details
Order Placement / Check Order Status
/ Withdrawal of Orders
1) Your designated Trading Representative or
2) Night dealer (Canada Trading Hours)


Trading Lot 1 Share
Price Quote Via your designated Trading Representative
Exchange  TSX, Venture
Order Type Limit Order
Traded Currency CAD
Minimum bid size 2 Share price  (CDN) Minimum Bid Size (CDN)
0.005 – 0.5 0.005
> 0.5 – 99,999,999 0.01
Trading Hours
Singapore Time  10:30pm – 05:00am
09:30pm – 04:00am
(during Daylight Saving Time3)
Canada Time 09:30am-04:00pm


Settlement Date2 T+2 market days
 Settlement Currency SGD, USD, CAD
Order Amalgamation No
Contra Trading Yes
CPF settlement No

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Holiday (2019)


Month Day Date Holidays Settlement Trading Day
January Tuesday 01 January  New Year’s Day  No  No
 February Monday 18 February  Family Day  No  No
 April Friday 19 April  Good Friday  No  No
 May Monday 20 May  Victoria Day  No  No
 July  Monday 01 July  Canada Day  No  No
 August Monday 05 August  Civic Holiday  No  No
 September Monday 02 September  Labor Day  No  No
 October Monday 14 October  Thanksgiving  No  No
 November Monday 11 November  Remembrance Day  No  Full
 December  Tuesday 24 December Christmas Eve (Obs-halfday) Yes Partial
Wednesday 25 December  Christmas Day  No  No
Thursday 26 December  Boxing Day  No  No

Note: Information is correct at the time of posting

  1. Orders will be executed at the prevailing market price which will be the same as or better than the order price. All orders are only valid for one trading day.
  2. Orders not done will be cancelled at the end of each trading day.
  3. Starts on Second Sunday of March and ends first Sunday of November.
  4. Should the due date coincide with a:
    a) Singapore public holiday - The due date will follow the traded market's due date.
    b) Canada public holiday - The due date will be the following market day