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Have you ever wondered how you could invest in:

  • the company behind that latest gadget that everybody has and is rushing to upgrade to;
  • oil or gas, precious earth metals or mining companies;
  • established global companies;
  • the global market trends and emerging markets?

Why trade foreign shares?

Diversification enables you to invest in different stocks across the world and helps to minimize risk. Putting all your eggs in one basket may be good for the short-term, but is it wise for long-term strategies.

If all your portfolio assets move in the same direction in relation to each other – “correlated”, then you are not adequately diversified. What diversification should provide, in essence, is a contingency plan in down markets.

Be intrigued by the vast opportunities offered by global trading. Start diversifying your portfolio with easy access to more than 20 global stock exchanges from Phillip Global Markets.

Why us?

  • Global Markets round the clock trading assistance
  • Global Trading made easy through POEMS Online Multi-Currencies
  • Custodian services to take care of your trade settlements and corporate actions
  • Headline News, Multi-Country Watch list, Advanced Charting Tools
  • Leverage using Margin Financing (Terms and conditions apply)

Our Expertise

We have dedicated Global Markets specialists, Chinese dealing desk and Japanese dealing desk to service clients who are interested to invest in global equities.

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