How do I subscribe?

Non-professional users

  • Enjoy free US Live price for Non-Professional User!
  • Login to POEMS
  • Select Reward > New Reward Subscriptions
  • Choose NYSE Live Price Subscription, NYSE-MKT Live Price Subscription or NASDAQ Live Price Subscription [Non- Professional Only]
  • Click “Submit” and input your POEMS password to proceed with the subscription.

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Step 1

Login to POEMS 2.0 and select Stocks > Reward > New Reward Subscriptions >

Step 2

Choose NYSE Live Price Subscription, NYSE-MKT Live Price Subscription or NASDAQ Live Price Subscription [Non-Professional Only]

Step 3

Tick the box beside the “0” points followed by “Submit New” and input your password for confirmation

Terms & Conditions:

1) The promotion is applicable to new and existing clients of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (PSPL).

2) This promotion is open to individuals who qualify as non-professional as defined in the FAQ on this page.

3) Subscribers must subscribe and agree to the agreements set out in the subscription page to enjoy this promotion

4) A subscriber, who falsely declare to be Non-Professional but is a Professional, will be held accountable for all applicable penalties and/or Exchange fees

5) PSPL staff and agents, and PSPL cross-border clients are not eligible for this promotion

6) PSPL account application Terms & Conditions apply

7) The management reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions of this promotion without prior notice.

When will my US Live Prices activated?

Kindly take note that the subscription will be activated on the next calendar day after your subscription. You can login to Reward > Renew or Check Rewards Subscriptions to check activation date.

Can I cancel the subscription?

Redemption of Reward Points must be done though online redemption system on POEMS and once effected, is final. No cancellation or amendments will be entertained.


Professional User

What is the charge for real-time market data for Professional investors?

Professional investor package [1-months subscription fee] = S$200 (excl. GST). You may subscribe in 1, 3 or 6 months. Please note that subscriber assumes all liability declaring status as a professional or non-professional and will be held accountable for all applicable penalties and/or the Exchange fees if declaration is incorrect. There shall be no refund of the unused portion should you wish to terminate the services prior to the expiry date.

What is the application procedure for Professional user?

Professional users subscribing to the NASDAQ, NYSE-MKT and NYSE real-time market data need to submit the relevant exchange agreements to Phillip Securities (“PSPL”) to seek exchange approval before real-time market data can be granted to the Professional user. The agreement should be completed by person/s that are authorized (as per Board resolution) to execute contracts on behalf of the company and be completed using the full legal name of the entity.

For NYSE-MKT or NYSE real-time data, Professional user (the company) are required to submit attached Subscriber Agreement. Please be informed that NYSE will invoice the company directly for the subscription fees and charges. Should the Professional user wish to make payment to PSPL instead of NYSE, please submit the attached Third Party Addendum.

For NASDAQ real-time data, Professional user is required to submit attached NASDAQ Subscriber agreement.

Kindly fill up the NYSE/NYSE-MKT agreement form, NASDAQ agreement forms, Third Party Addendum form and mail to:

POEMS Marketing

251 North Bridge Road
#06-00 Raffles City Tower
Singapore 179101

Professional user only needs to submit the application once only.

When will my US Live Price subscription be activated?

Kindly take note that the subscription will not be activated immediately as we need the exchanges approval before activating the Live Prices.

Can I submit redemption using POEMS Reward program?

Yes, Professional user can redeem via POEMS Reward Program, however, kindly take note that the redemption status will be reflected as “Request-In-Progress”. Professional users will be required to make payment and submit the “Declaration Form” in order to activate the US Live Prices. Please note that this will be subjected to the exchange approval.