US Live Prices

What is real-time market data?

For the purposes of the Exchange Subscriber Agreements, real-time market data means last sale information for securities listed on the respective Exchanges, including quotations, volumes, highs and lows, and all other information that is derived from the last sale information, during exchange market hours of operation.


Phillip Securities Pte Ltd and the Data Providers do not warrant or make any representations or claims concerning the validity, accuracy and timeliness or otherwise of the Information provided herein, nor shall Phillip Securities Pte Ltd or the Data Provider shall be liable or responsible for any claim or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use, interpretation or other implementation of said Information.

How do I subscribe?

Non-professional users

Step 1:

Login to POEMS 2.0 and select Market Data & Rewards > New Reward Subscriptions

Step 2:

Locate U.S. Live Price (Non-Professional)

Step 3:

Tick the box beside “0” points and fill up the agreement

Step 4:

Select Submit

Step 5:

Select the number of months to subscribe from the dropdown list

Step 6:

Click Submit

Step 7:

Enter the password to confirm your request and click Confirm


Terms & Conditions:

1) The promotion is applicable to new and existing clients of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (PSPL).

2) This promotion is open to individuals who qualify as non-professional as defined in the FAQ on this page.

3) Subscribers must subscribe and agree to the agreements set out in the subscription page to enjoy this promotion

4) A subscriber, who falsely declare to be Non-Professional but is a Professional, will be held accountable for all applicable penalties and/or Exchange fees

5) PSPL staff and agents, and PSPL cross-border clients are not eligible for this promotion

6) PSPL account application Terms & Conditions apply

7) The management reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions of this promotion without prior notice.


When will my US Live Price Subscription(s) be activated?

Upon receipt of the agreement and payment, the Live Price Subscription will be activated within 2 working days.


Can I cancel the subscription?

Redemption of Reward Points must be done though online redemption system on POEMS and once effected, is final. No cancellation or amendments will be entertained.


Professional User:

What is the charge for real-time market data for Professional investors?

US Live Price Subscription fee (excluding GST):

NASDAQ Live Price = S$18 per month

NYSE Live Price = S$9 per month

AMEX Live Price = S$9 per month

Subscription will end on the last day of the month. For example, if a subscription is activated on 10 March, it will end on 31 March.

Only Non-Professional Investors are eligible for the free Live Price promotion. Please note that subscriber assumes all liability declaring status as a Professional Investor or Non-Professional Investor and will be held accountable for all applicable penalties and/or the Exchange fees if declaration is incorrect.

There shall be no refund of the unused portion should you wish to terminate the services prior to the expiry date.


What is the application procedure for Professional user?

Professional Investors subscribing to the real-time market data need to submit the relevant exchange agreements to Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (“PSPL”) to seek exchange approval before real-time market information can be granted.

The agreement should be completed by person/s that are authorized (as per Board resolution) to execute contracts on behalf of the company and be completed using the full legal name of the entity.

For real-time data, the Professional Investor is required to submit the NASDAQ Subscriber Agreement.

NASDAQ Subscriber Agreement

Please complete the relevant Subscriber Agreement and email the scanned copy to


Can I submit redemption using POEMS Reward program?

No, Points redemption is  not available for US Live Price Subscription.


How do I know if I am a Professional or a Non-Professional investor?

You are a PROFESSIONAL if you meet any one of the following criteria for the entire term of your subscription and you must sign further agreements as well as are subject to the appropriate additional Exchange fee structure:

  • You are subscribing on behalf of a firm, corporation, partnership, trust, or association.
  • You use the information in connection with any trade or business activities and not for personal investment.
  • You plan to furnish the information to any other person(s).
  • You are a securities broker-dealer, registered representative, investment advisor, investment banker, futures commission merchant, commodities introducing broker or commodity trading advisor, money manager, member of the Securities Exchange or Association or Futures Contract market, or any owner, partner, or associated person of the foregoing.
  • You are employed by a bank or an insurance company or an affiliate of either to perform functions related to securities or commodity futures investment or trading activity.

You are a NON-PROFESSIONAL investor if you do not meet any one of the criteria outlined above.

Please note that subscriber assumes all liability declaring status as a professional or non-professional and will be held accountable for all applicable penalties and/or the Exchange fees if declaration is incorrect. There shall be no refund of the unused portion should you wish to terminate the services prior to the expiry date.

Should your status change from a Non-Professional Investor to a Professional Investor, you must inform us in writing to

What is the purpose of the Exchange Subscriber Agreement?

The purpose is to ensure that clients understand and agree to the terms of retrieval and use of real-time market data.

What happens if I do not accept the Exchange Subscriber Agreement?

If you decide not to accept the Exchange Subscriber Agreement, you will not have access to real-time market information. However, you may continue to view prices with a 15 to 30 minutes delay.

I do not have time to review and accept these Agreements now. Will this prevent me from trading?

Without accepting these Agreements, you can continue to place orders via TRADE page. To view real-time prices, you have to accept the Agreements and subscribe the service accordingly.

Does the Exchange Subscriber Agreement for US live price apply only to users in United States?

No, it does not matter where you live. To have access to real-time market data and quotes from NASDAQ / NYSE / AMEX, you must accept the relevant Exchange Subscriber Agreement(s).