Fees, Charges & Settlement

What are the standard rates for Prepaid Account?

Standard Rates

Market* Online Broker-Assisted
  Rates Minimum  
Singapore 0.12% SGD10 As published
United States USD20 Flat
Hong Kong 0.18% HKD80
China A Share (SZ-HK Stock Connect) 0.18% CNY88
China A Share (SH-HK Stock Connect)
Malaysia 0.18% MYR60
Thailand 0.18% THB400
Indonesia 0.18% SGD20
Japan 0.18% JPY1500
Australia 0.18% AUD30
Turkey 0.18% TRY50
United Kingdom 0.18% GBP20
Germany 0.18% EUR 20
Other Markets As published

Information is correct at time of posting

Corporate Action Charges
Cash Offer, Rights Issue, Privatization Exercise, Merger & Exchange, Liquidation, Redemption of Warrant, Loan Stock or Bonds, 
Capital Distribution, Tender Sales, Warrant Conversion
SGD 10.70 (inclusive of GST)
plus foreign broker fees where applicable
Share Transfer Charges
Phillip Securities to External Broker SGD 53.50 per stock per transfer (inclusive of GST)


Additional charges apply to the following markets:

UK: USD 25 (Foreign broker fees, settled in SGD)

JP: JPY 1,000 for the first lot, JPY 500 for every subsequent lot, up to a maximum charge of JPY 6,000 (settled in SGD)

External Broker to Phillip Securities No charge by Phillip Securities. Please check with your external broker for their charges.

Note: there will be a fee of US$50.00 for transfer via Direct Registration System “DRS”. Fees are subject to changes without prior notice.

Time required to transfer shares to Phillip Securities Varies. It depends when external broker transfers out the shares electronically. Under normal circumstances, once shares are transferred out by external broker, it takes 2-3 days for Phillip Securities to receive the shares.

Note: Share transfer facility is not available on selected markets. Rates may change from time to time at the discretion of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd

Dividend Charges
Net Dividend Dividend Charges
<SGD 100 SGD 1.07 (inclusive of GST)
>SGD 100 1% of net dividend up to a max. of SGD 53.50 (inclusive of GST)
  GST will be charged on dividend charges and is applicable for Singaporean and Singapore PRs.
Scrip Dividend S$10.70 (inclusive of GST)

Note :Dividends are subject to tax at source. Tax rates vary according to the respective country’s tax rates. Charges may change from time to time at the discretion of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd. Both Cash and Scrip Dividends are subject to foreign broker fees (if applicable).


Custody Charges
Monthly SGD 2 per stock up to a max. of SGD 150 per quarter (7% GST applies)

Monthly charges are automatically waived if there are at least

(a) two trades in your trading account in the same calendar month, regardless of trade size in local or foreign shares OR

(b) six trades in your trading account in the same calendar quarter, regardless of trade size in local or foreign shares OR

(c) SGD 132 of paid brokerages in the same calendar quarter

Note: The above custody charges do not apply to Sri Lanka and Taiwan shares.

If you hold foreign shares in two separate Phillip Securities trading accounts, you will be billed according to the shareholdings in each account. You can request to consolidate your holdings into one account by emailing talktoglobalmarkets@phillip.com.sg.

Margin or custodian account holders will be charged custodian charges automatically. Cash account holders may settle the invoice by cheque or through your bank’s electronic payment services.

Physical Scrip Deposit Charges
Courier Fee (<20 certificates) S$45.00
Courier Fee (>20 certificates) S$2.25 per certificate
PSPL Handling Fees S$10.70 (inclusive of GST)
Foreign Broker Fees USD100 (to be converted to S$)
Scrip Charge S$1 per Transfer Form (Each Transfer Form can only hold up to 5 certificates)
Courier Fees (<20 certificates) S$21
Courier Fees (>20 certificates) S$1.05 per certificate
PSPL Handling Fees S$10.70 (inclusive of GST)

Rates may change from time to time at the discretion of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd.

There are other miscellaneous fees for physical scrips deposition. For more details, please send in your enquiry to talktoglobalmarkets@phillip.com.sg

You can pay by any of the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Cheque, payable to “PHILLIP SECURITIES PTE LTD
  • EPS (notify your assigned Trading Representative)
  • Debit from clients’ trading accounts if there are sufficient funds in their Phillip Financial, Cash Management or Investment account (clients must indicate their instructions in the “Remarks” column).

Note: We will not initiate share transfer before receiving payment from clients.

Settlement methods
Method Purchase Settlement Date Sales Settlement Date
EPS Due date, before 09:00pm Due date +2 (market days)
Cheque Due date, before 05:00pm Due date +1 (market days)
Cash Due date, before 05:00pm N.A
GIRO Due date +1 (market days) Due date + 1 (market days)
Can I use GIRO to settle for my purchases?

GIRO is only applicable for SGD settlement. For convenience, you may opt for GIRO payments through POSB or DBS bank when you make purchases in your ordinary Cash Trading accounts. GIRO is only applicable for Phillip Cash Trading accounts.