Trading European Markets

What are the European markets available for trading?

You can trade in the shares listed on the major European markets, i.e. Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Germany), EuroNext Paris (France), etc. Please refer here for full list of markets we offer.

How do I place my European trades?

You can place orders for the European trades by calling your Trading Representatives or the Global Markets night dealing desk @ 6531 1225. For Germany market, clients can place their trades on POEMS 2.0 for selected counters

How do I check the status of my orders?

You can check your order status by calling the Global Markets night dealing desk during the European trading hours. Alternatively, you may contact your Trading Representatives on the following day to check on your order status.

How do I withdraw my orders for the European markets?

You can withdraw your European orders by calling the Global Markets night dealing desk or your Trading Representatives.

What is the validity period for my European orders?

All orders are only valid for one trading day. Orders that are not executed will be cancelled at the end of each trading day.

Will I be able to amalgamate my European trades?

No; Shares traded on the European markets are NOT amalgamated.

Daylight Saving for the European markets

Daylight Saving starts on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Sunday of October:

Singapore Time 3:00pm – 11:30pm
(during Daylight Saving Time)
04:00pm – 12:30am

(during Non-Daylight Saving Time)

Europe Time 09:00am – 05:30pm
What is the settlement currency for clients’ purchases on European Trading?

You can choose to settle your trades in EUR or SGD.
If you wish to settle in EUR, please ensure that your multi-currency facility application has been submitted to PSPL for approval and activation. Failing which, the contract will be settled in SGD which is subject to foreign exchange conversion risk.

To opt in for multi-currency facilities, you can login into POEMS > Acct Mgt > Online Forms under Currency Conversion or contact your Trading Representatives for further assistance. Do note that latest time for opt-in into multi-currency facilities if a trade is already done is by Due Date before 2.00pm (Singapore Time).

When is the settlement due date for European Trading?

Settlement due date for European trades is T + 2

When will the sales proceeds be credited to my account for the shares sold?

Sales proceeds will be credited into your account on due date + 1 market day (D+1).